Almost everyone loves pocket doors. They’re cool, the way they disappear inside the wall, and it’s great to save the space in  a room that a swinging door uses. Not everyone realizes how much work is involved in retrofitting a pocket door in an existing wall. There are excellent kits made by Johnson, and other companies, that make the task easier

Johnson Hardware

Johnson Hardware produces a complete line of superior quality sliding, folding and pocket door hardware for residential and light commercial applications. Compare the Johnson line; you’ll find a superb blend of quality, function and value.

Where a “traditional” swinging door takes up valuable floor and wall space, Johnson Hardware’s® Pocket Door Hardware literally “fits right in” to solve room planning problems. Johnson Hardware’s® Pocket Door Hardware is designed to offer maximum space saving characteristics for a multitude of applications. Pocket Doors are particularly well suited for dining rooms, master bathrooms, wardrobes, kitchens or anywhere  floor space is at a premium. The use of a pocket door will free up previously unusable wall and floor space with a clean and modern appearance.

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