Nailing is one of the oldest, simplest and quickest methods for joining two pieces of wood. Rely on nails for indoor and outdoor carpentry and trim work using hardwood, softwood and sheet goods. Here’s some advice on choosing the right nail for your job.

You’ll find many specialty nails for laying flooring, hanging wallboard, installing roofing and siding, or fastening wood to concrete and masonry. Always ask if special nails are recommended for projects or materials you’re unfamiliar with. Otherwise, count on the following as your everyday nails.

“Penny Inch” Nail Chart

 3d – 1-1/4”  10d – 3”
 4d – 1-1/2”  12d – 3-1/4”
 5d – 1-3/4”  16d – 3-1/2”
 6d – 2”  20d – 4”
 7d – 2-1/4”  40d – 5”
 8d – 2-1/2”  60d – 6”

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