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Decorate with new interior doors from Heller Lumber’s large selection of styles and types. You can even design your own passageways for your own unique look. All varieties of interior doors are available. Come visit our lumber yard and we’ll be able to provide you with answers and any assistance you need.

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Passage doors are an especially versatile choice for your home, and can be used in single, double, pocket and bypass applications. Passage doors are available in solid core and hollow core construction options in a variety of designs and surfaces, from smooth to textured, theses skin options compliment and brighten any architectural design element.


Panel Doors are for those who have a definite preference for the look and feel of tradition. Panel doors are designed to fit seamlessly into any décor. These interior doors are available in a wide assortment of sizes and wood species.


Louvered Doors are wood panel doors that features louvers or slats in the place of some or all of the panels. It is designed to provide ventilation, so it’s ideal for any home that requires maximum air circulation from one room to another. Many wood species and finishes area available.


Bifold doors are often used on closets and for openings around which adjoining space is too scant to allow a full-width door to swing open comfortably. Available in two or four door units.


Mirrored Doors create the illusion of space. They are as functional as they are beautiful, and easy to install. Mirrored doors come in a wide variety of styles including top hung, bottom roller, framed, frameless or bi-fold.


Interior French Doors designs add natural brilliance to any interior space. In addition to increasing the amount of light in any room, these doors are an elegant way to separate spaces within a home. Available with a wide selection of glass options, create the exceptionally beautiful French door you have always wanted.


Our team of employees and suppliers are among the most educated in the industry when it comes to working with building materials. Visit Heller Lumber Co. or contact us and speak to a knowledgeable staff member who will be able to assist you with all of your building supply needs.

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