Engineered Lumber

Heller Lumber Co. carries a large selection of engineered lumber. We have made a firm commitment to our offering of engineered lumber products from the beginning. We have recognized the time and labor savings, as well as the benefits of material yield, not to mention its environmentally friendly attributes.

Engineered wood products eliminate waste associated with unusable lumber by taking out the inconsistencies found in traditional solid wood products. Engineered wood products are stronger, more reliable, and when installed, use 50% less wood than ordinary lumber. Using engineered wood products is a more efficient use of valuable natural resources.

Our experienced staff can assist you in calculating beam sizes and engineered floor systems for the ultimate in structural integrity and design options. We have access to custom roof and floor trusses, and we stock LVLs, I-joists, glue lams, parallams, and structural engineered beams and board products.

Our team of employees and suppliers are highly experienced when it comes to working with engineered lumber products. Visit Heller Lumber Co. or contact us to speak to a knowledgeable staff member who will be able to assist you with all of your lumber needs.

Engineered Lumber

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