Heller Lumber Company was built in 1923 and opened its doors for business on April 1, 1924. It was started by two brothers, Lewis L. Heller and Eugene H. Heller.

Initially, Heller Lumber handled lumber, roofing, cement, stone and coal. The coal business carried the company through the Great Depression.

Eugene took over the yard in 1927, after Lewis passed away. Walter C. Moehling constructed the office and south shed. He continued to work at Heller Lumber until he turned 65.

Throughout World War II, Eugene Heller and Wally Moehling were the only employees at the yard. Gene did the bookkeeping, while Wally unloaded the cars. In the afternoon, they shut down the office to deliver coal. Gene invented a coal “toter,” which was a small conveyer that rode on the truck and was used to unload coal. Before his invention, they unloaded the coal by hand.

Three subsequent generations have run Heller Lumber after Gene. Robert L. Heller, son of Gene, took over after his father passed away in the 1950s. Subsequently, Bill Heller ran the yard until his death in 2006. Today the yard is run by Bill’s children, Jane and Bob Heller. Many other members of the Heller Family have worked at the yard throughout the years.

Throughout the yard’s 90 plus years of operation, the Heller Family has held to standards in running their business:

We hope to continue to fullfill your construction needs in the years to come.

Heller Lumber